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December 2, 2009

Hello, I’m Jeni.

I live a small town which I have a love/hate relationship with. At the right time of year it can look pretty beautiful but I spend most of the time just getting really annoyed at the fact that there is nothing to do here.  It’s boring and a little bit scummy but I still like it:

I don’t watch TV, I don’t mind the internet but I really love music, I could put some white lace on music and use it as my wedding dress it’s so pretty, but I guess a whole lot of people would say that as well.  I listen to the Pixies and Joy Division and Adam and the Ants and The Velvet Underground; sometimes I listen to Girls and Wavves and I’ve only recently got over a really long obsession with Alice Glass, but I’ve still got her picture on my bedroom wall along with a bunch of other pictures:

I like reading Vice because they always have really good articles and pictures that I sometimes make into badges. I also like SuperSuper which everyone thinks is kinda weird as I really don’t look like a SuperSuper girl . The guy that writes my favourite books is called Haruki Murakami, his best book is this crazy story about a guy who loses his cat and then all kinds of weird, surreal stuff happens to him, the book its self is really big, almost dictionary sized but crack addictive, he’s a genius.

I have a really good SLR camera which I rarely use because I’m always scared I’ll get mugged if I carry it around all the time I’m out but I think some of the best pictures I’ve taken are off some little disposable camera that I’ve picked up from the supermarket, the grainy quality you get with the print offs are quite reassuring and DIY.

I’d quite like to get a cat but I’m sure if I got one I’d hate it within a couple of weeks. I’m quite fickle like that.

My favourite colour’s orange.

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