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LADY GAGA/ “Her are boobs sparkling because she wants them to sparkle”

December 2, 2009

Recently I’ve started to get really obsessed with Lady Gaga and all her crazy weirdness. The video for her new single Bad Romance is pretty insane, posted on youtube about 3 weeks ago it’s already got 27 million hits and attracted over 100000 comments, and as you can see from some of the ones I’ve posted below, most of these comments are complete crap:

stepshock17 omg shes got a lovely and touchable song


pattle3 she’s a surprising good dancer. hope she dances on the x factor.

zaphodbebleebrox I dont think the PRETTY GIRL is LADY GAGA….LADY GAGA has more weight than the VERY PRETTY GIRL- i think pretty girl is a plant !!!!!!

donlystuna LADY GAGA HAS A MEAT STICK………..

Naomi27395 Her eyes are amazing (the face ones)

MIDWAYMARTH  LADY GAGA IS 700 YEARS FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!   allincubus6  so she’s in the past?

rickpiper62 hahaha the skinhead cat has gold teeth! brilliant!

myaddictionisGEEWAY1  I love the part at the end when shes laying down with her dead boyfriend.

wonderstruck1988 I still think she’s cool even with a dick


est93sarahpiee her boobs are sparkling because she wants them to sparkle.

tacosalad98  yes, it’s trany girl/penis music

StrangeSherwin Hi !
i am a 16 yr old SINGER SONGWRITER from London and would be very grateful if you would listen to my new Christmas song: Santa In Stockings.
Thanks so much!

futuramark she has a hot body i want to go t bed with her i am mark from maltaaaaa

crazybones1933 wow! what language was that ? she can speak another language!!!DriftedMoonlightTV French.

patrickmorrisBS  Wanna call Britney? 818-338-6152

brohorn does it have a penis?

uuduu7 great song, i’ve played this 10x today..who’s the singer ? 

thelauriandemsshow Hääääääää. i mean who is as stupid as lady gaga. no wait i love her songs but she is a bit to crazzzi for a normal human so that means that she is an alian ????

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  1. May 29, 2010 3:56 am

    If only more than 40 people would read this..

  2. July 26, 2010 1:14 pm

    good info , do you see this is the future?

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