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December 12, 2009

Every Friday I always feel relieved it’s the weekend but in reality weekends are always ridiculously stressful: Two days of anxious and pointless procrastination and then the frantic hysteria of Sunday night cramming session. I never want to talk about not doing work because I always feel that everyone else IS doing work and that when I’m moaning, ” I haven’t done THIS and THIS and THIS and I haven’t even STARTED THIS” everyone’s nodding sympathetically and agreeing but inwardly thinking, ” Foolish child, I’ve already finished things she hasn’t even remembered to forget” . And what am I spending the weekend doing instead of my seemingly bottomless pile of work? I’m reading theories about Nigella Lawson being the anti christ and trying to find a video on youtube of a Chinese seal playing the flute. I couldn’t even find the right video : ( I had to settle for watching a Turkish walrus playing the saxophone, I don’t think it even was playing the saxophone I think they just trained it to hit the saxophone with its flipper and then played jazz over the sound system. Charlatans.

Thanks a bunch internet, thanks a big, fat, clinically obese bunch.

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