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Bonjela ela ela eh eh eh

December 16, 2009

I take biology. It is not the best subject in the world; in fact I really don’t like it at all. The amount of work we’re getting at the moment is insane. I have this weird thing where if I get stressed, I get mouth ulcers which is horrible if I’m freaking out anyway and then on top of that my mouth’s looking like a leprosy colony. After every biology lesson it’s always like, GOOD GOD WILL YOU PASS ME THE BONJELA.

 I’m feeling pretty ill anyway right now. Not really ill, hypochondriac ill which just means I’m perfectly healthy but insist on taking loads of unnecessary pills and moaning about everything, I end up not sleeping and then wondering around looking like the living dead. I think it goes well with all the creepy misted weather and the fact that everyone is wearing lots of black stuff and looking really pale from the whole no-sun thing that’s going on. I like it, all the gloom and doom, I sort of thrive in it all.

Right now as I’m typing this I’m really starting to see why that virtual sorting hat put me in slytherin.

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