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Lil’ Wayne Starts Jail Sentence.

February 8, 2010


Lil’ Wayne is starting his 12 month jail sentence for possession of weapons in New York Rikers Island tomorow. In his february interview with Rolling Stone he said it was ‘..God’s experience I need to have’ and ‘ I just say I’m looking forward to it’.  His management are trying to calm fans by assuring them that he’ll have a in- jail twitter account, a weird enough concept in itself but what exactly is he going to tweet about? After at least a couple of weeks he’ll completely run out of things to say, let alone 12 months. Lil’ Wayne writes A LOT, in the space of 2 years he’s written over a thousand songs. He isn’t too worried though, saying jail won’t slow him down and that he’ll be taking his ipod in with him to work on ‘beats’.

I think he’ll be fine.

[ The Carter Documentary: 2007 candid documentary following Lil’ Wayne as he tours and prepares for the relase of Tha Carter III.  Watch the full 90 minutes. ]

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